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Music or the silence of the road?

tumblr_m9gu07Igcb1r0h24cLately, a lot of people have asked me if I run with or without music. And my first response was “Of course, I can’t run without it.”  I always assumed the music kept me entertained or made the run go by faster; until I was forced to run in silence. I have gone through a lot of various mp3 players.  Most of the time, they get water in them or just crash after years of use.  While training for the Philadelphia marathon I was forced to run my long runs and weekly tempo’s with no music at all.  I told myself it was temporary and that I would buy a $50 iPod shuffle a few days prior to the marathon to keep me entertained. (I didn’t want to chance breaking it during training.) After all, was it possible to get through a long run without hearing Rihanna sing sweet melodies in my ear?

So I set out on my 18 to 23 mile runs and found out it was…peaceful.  I found myself taking in my surroundings and because I could hear the sounds around me, I focused on them. What pattern is that guy trying to mow his lawn in?  Why are they putting a stop sign in on that street? Why are all of these dogs barking at the wind?  The long runs felt good music-less. I started to enjoy it. This I saw as my benefit to having a broken iPod. Continue reading

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Racing Etiquette

I never seem to think about manners as it pertains to racing until the first few miles of a race.  Off days, practice runs, even group runs….the thought never crosses my mind.  It’s not until those first few miles of a race that I always think I need to write these rules down so that everyone knows what is appropriate and best for the racing field.  So here is my take on proper racing etiquette.

1. Don’t jump corrals.

Corrals are set up for a reason. They have a purpose. And you should be honest when submitting your anticipated finish time. By jumping corrals or putting a faster finish time than you can do; you are hurting those runners that worked hard to get into that corral. You will slow the race field down. The beginning of a race is crowded to begin with so it makes it more difficult to have to navigate around slower runners.

2. Don’t spit in the crowds.

Yes, I have felt spit on me on more than one occasion.  Despite what you think of your accuracy, there is always a wind or crowd factor. If you need to spit, move to the edge and spit on sidewalk and ensure no one else is coming up next to you.

3. Watch the elbows.

Why people run with really wide elbows I’ll never know. But they do. In that case, be cautious of the people around you. Don’t try to pass a herd of tightly packed runners with wide elbows. Yeah, it hurts to get hit in the chest with your bony elbow.

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