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Music or the silence of the road?

tumblr_m9gu07Igcb1r0h24cLately, a lot of people have asked me if I run with or without music. And my first response was “Of course, I can’t run without it.”  I always assumed the music kept me entertained or made the run go by faster; until I was forced to run in silence. I have gone through a lot of various mp3 players.  Most of the time, they get water in them or just crash after years of use.  While training for the Philadelphia marathon I was forced to run my long runs and weekly tempo’s with no music at all.  I told myself it was temporary and that I would buy a $50 iPod shuffle a few days prior to the marathon to keep me entertained. (I didn’t want to chance breaking it during training.) After all, was it possible to get through a long run without hearing Rihanna sing sweet melodies in my ear?

So I set out on my 18 to 23 mile runs and found out it was…peaceful.  I found myself taking in my surroundings and because I could hear the sounds around me, I focused on them. What pattern is that guy trying to mow his lawn in?  Why are they putting a stop sign in on that street? Why are all of these dogs barking at the wind?  The long runs felt good music-less. I started to enjoy it. This I saw as my benefit to having a broken iPod. Continue reading

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The financial costs of running (besides sweat, pain, and tears)….

running man 1The other day someone asked me what activity they could do that wouldn’t involve investing a lot of money. Running! I proceeded to tell them how they only need a decent pair of running shoes and some workout clothes. After I sold them on running as the cheap workout, I realized that I myself have invested money into running over the years. A lot money now that I look back.

1. MP3 Players: Most runners I know run with their iPod, iPhone, or some MP3 player. Music entertains us as we run. I have issues with my iPods getting water damage from my sweat (eweee, gross). I have been through several in the past 6 months and was forced to do my long runs sans music for a few weeks. And you know what – I dug it. You are left alone with your thoughts and you take in your surroundings. And I felt I could control my pace better. I did a few 15-18 milers this way. But when my replacement iPod arrived at my door, I was quickly back to running with Rihanna and Beyonce.

2. GPS watches: As a beginner, I didn’t feel a need to track my mileage. As my training got more intense, I needed to know how much I was running down to the tenth of the mile. I invested in the Nike + sensor that attached to your shoe and iPod. I then bought a Motoactv. And just recently, I purchased my first Garmin. I can’t wait to test it out. Continue reading

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