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Random pics that I find inspiring

In no order (ok, they’re in order) of my fav pics of the week…
First pic is actually me (thank goodness the Garmin 410 makes my wrist look skinny; and who noticed I shaved my legs?). And last photo is my motto this month-been a tough one. If I could play you Katy Perry’s new song “Roar” in the background I would…inspiration.





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July Recap: MCM Training Begins

JulyMiles July kicked off my unofficial marathon training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I say unofficial because I don’t ever really follow a plan 100% or even 80%. And in the beginning of training I just wing it.  Lately, I’ve had a lot of social/personal commitments that have kept me from doing my normal long runs on Saturday mornings (and a lot of mid week runs). I’ve had to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.  By that I mean, skipping runs or cutting them short or not being able to fit them in at all.  Last weekend, I had a 3 hour window to run in West Virginia. It was 2pm and a downpour outside. Still, I had to get it in. I had to modify my route and break my run up into pieces just to get it done.  I was all sorts of anxious about it driving to the trail in the rain. But when I was done, I was proud that I went outside the comfort zone.  Also, some spectacular that happened on last weeks long run (brace yourself) – I ran Garmin-less for the 2nd half of the run!  What?! I know!  I never run Garmin-less, I feel like days could pass by and I’d still be running if I wasn’t wearing it.  But because of the torrential downpours; I had to return to my car and leave the Garmin behind so it wouldn’t get soaked. And let me tell you – I ran really well without it. I did note when I left and when I returned and luckily my trail had mile markers so afterwards I was able to calculate my pace.  And I used mapmyrun for elevation and exact mileage. Not bad at all being with the Garmin. No stress over pace or heart rate. Now, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon (lets not get carried away). But now I know that I can do it. And perhaps I’ll try to make one long run a month Garmin-less.

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Guess who’s back?

Me! Yes, it’s been awhile. I’m sorry for the distance. Hope you forgive me.Pretty sure the majority of my post ideas come when I’m running; and since I haven’t been in training lately, ideas were lacking. Ok, that’s just a random excuse I’m trying to make stick. But in any event – I’m back, and I’m back in training. Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) is just 3 months away. I don’t typically do the 16 week training programs because of medical issues and I’m constantly fearing injuries. My program this time around is very lose.  There wasn’t a lot of planning involved. I didn’t even have a set start date. Was going by feel (or just being lazy). But I can say I’ve officially started and training is fully underway.

I’m excited for this training season. My goal is to make it through injury free. Therefore, I’m being obsessive about recovering and resting and taking care of my body.  I tend to be a real go-getter in the first month or two of training that I do too much and end up hurt. This time, I’m listening to my body and sticking close to the plan.

Look for a bunch of new posts from me in the next few days. I had a long run this morning that left me with a ton of ideas. And I have lots of new running shoe reviews I need to share.  Lucky you!

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