We only become better, if you become better: NYC Marathon 2012

NYC Marathon 2012: didn’t happen-yes.
It was this same day, a year ago that I went to the gym and did my last 4 mile run before the big day. I was hesitant to do the run because there was speculation that it might be cancelled due to hurricane sandy. But it was confirmed as of Friday 5pm. So I left work and knew I had one short run and one suitcase to pack in front of me. I was headed to NYC!
I ran that run (slow) and was so ready to take in the experience. It was the New York City Marathon. And I had prepared 12 weeks for this. I was ready. I was excited for the 26 mile tour. I left the gym on cloud 9, ready to take on the world.
Then the texts and calls came in: is it still happening, where are you, did you leave yet, did you hear?
I quickly googled what I could. Sure enough, the race was cancelled. I understood why it was cancelled. People were under water; they didn’t have food, power, transportation. NYC needed help.
And it was up to us NYC Marathoners to help where we could. We were sad, disappointed; but above all, we were there to help everyone else. Our sport is about the greater good-we only become better if you become better.
I’m proud to say we joined together to raise money, food, clothing; and deliver to those on need. We stood together to do what we could for those impacted. We gave $800/night hotel rooms to those without a home. We ran on foot to Long Island to bring water/food on our backs to those in need. We ran clothing and food drives. We ran to those in need-wherever whenever.
I’ve never seen runners rise above and give back like I did a year ago tomorrow. And I’m so proud to be amongst you.

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So this came today!


I absolutely can not wait to run the Boston Marathon in April. Beyond excited!  I’m sure you are all looking forward to hearing me to talk about it for the next 171 days.

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Getting through injuries

DoWhatYouCanAs with every training season, I got injured again this time. It was 4 weeks prior to marathon day and man, I was on it. I was hitting 7:45 pace for my 22 mile runs. I was peaking; at the top of my game. I was looking at another BQ for 2015 and a PR in the marathon. Then I fell and hurt my ribs. This is the type of injury you can’t just bounce back from. You can’t put ice on it and hope for the best. It took me fully out of commission for awhile. And I hated it. As each day went by, I realized that the likelihood of me seeing the starting line on 10/27 was not good. It took me a bit before I finally gave in and cancelled my hotel room. I’ll admit, I help out hope that I would wake up one day and feel 100% and be able to go out and do one last long run. But that day didn’t come.  I felt as if I let everyone down, but most of all myself. The next few days I had to come to grips with not being able to compete this fall. My friends heard about it and they are saints to put up with me.

As marathon day came and went, I found myself reflecting on the past few weeks and how I wish I would’ve handled things differently.  Here’s what I learned from this experience:

1. There will always be another race. It may not be the race you envisioned or the one all of your friends are doing; but there will be others, I promise.

2. Your life will not end because you can’t race. Get some fro-yo and slap on a smile.

3. Look at the down time as a time to refocus and pick up a new hobby; perhaps coin collecting (only a few injuries a year from that hobby).

4. Focus on making others a priority instead of running. I focused on others racing and how I can help them. I focused on making my friendships stronger, being a better girlfriend, sister, and daughter.

I feel for all runners who are on the injured list.  I know what it’s like; it’s not pretty. It’s gonna be hard but you’re strong and you’ll get through this.

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