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The old and the new….

2014Welp, it’s that time of year when runners look back at all the miles the logged in 2013, the PR’s they got, the hurdles they’ve overcome.   And tomorrow begins a new year with new goals.

Last year or even the last training season may have come with some challenges. Those challenges are what will make you better going forward. Use them as lessons to build upon to make you a stronger runner.  We all have lessons we can take from the past and apply that to running (and to life) going forward.  But, it’s also important to not waste energy and emotion on what has already happened. Look ahead.

Regardless of what your goals are for next year and where you are headed; remember what you went through last year or last training season will only make you stronger this time around. Take the old, and learn from it.


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Yes, I’m a few days late on my ‘giving thanks’ post; but we should be thankful everyday so in that case this post is perfect timing.

It’s so easy for runners to be hard on themselves and to see what they’re missing out on. But we need to take a step back and be thankful for how far we’ve come and be appreciative for those that helped us get there.  So I’m dedicating this post to all of you who have helped me the past few years. Without your support, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I’m grateful to have such wonderful family and friends.

So here goes, my list of what I’m thankful for (as it relates to running):

1. Supporters and volunteers at races. You guys are what gets us to the finish line. If you can’t run, you should come out and support those that can – the energy is contagious.

2. Hills.  I have such a love/hate relationship with hills. But the reason I’m thankful for them this year is because I didn’t spend much time on them in 2013 and I’m thankful that I can still have speedy legs without them. (Don’t do as I do though….you should run hills.)

3.  Naps. I’m pretty sure the thought of taking a nice afternoon nap



after a long run is the only reason I ever make it out the door for a run.

4. Cuffins on winter jackets. Best invention ever. Gloves are great; but I always want to get rid of them halfway through a run.

5. Food. I will always have a torrid love affair with food.


What are you fellow runners thankful for this year?

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Getting through injuries

DoWhatYouCanAs with every training season, I got injured again this time. It was 4 weeks prior to marathon day and man, I was on it. I was hitting 7:45 pace for my 22 mile runs. I was peaking; at the top of my game. I was looking at another BQ for 2015 and a PR in the marathon. Then I fell and hurt my ribs. This is the type of injury you can’t just bounce back from. You can’t put ice on it and hope for the best. It took me fully out of commission for awhile. And I hated it. As each day went by, I realized that the likelihood of me seeing the starting line on 10/27 was not good. It took me a bit before I finally gave in and cancelled my hotel room. I’ll admit, I help out hope that I would wake up one day and feel 100% and be able to go out and do one last long run. But that day didn’t come.  I felt as if I let everyone down, but most of all myself. The next few days I had to come to grips with not being able to compete this fall. My friends heard about it and they are saints to put up with me.

As marathon day came and went, I found myself reflecting on the past few weeks and how I wish I would’ve handled things differently.  Here’s what I learned from this experience:

1. There will always be another race. It may not be the race you envisioned or the one all of your friends are doing; but there will be others, I promise.

2. Your life will not end because you can’t race. Get some fro-yo and slap on a smile.

3. Look at the down time as a time to refocus and pick up a new hobby; perhaps coin collecting (only a few injuries a year from that hobby).

4. Focus on making others a priority instead of running. I focused on others racing and how I can help them. I focused on making my friendships stronger, being a better girlfriend, sister, and daughter.

I feel for all runners who are on the injured list.  I know what it’s like; it’s not pretty. It’s gonna be hard but you’re strong and you’ll get through this.

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