I’m like really, really good at recovering.

CaptureIn my last post, I talked about how I needed some down time from racing and running. Well, it seems I took that to a whole new level. Being honest, I haven’t run much at all lately. And when I did run, it was slow and short and with barely any effort. And I’m ok with that. Its what I needed.  I’ve been spending weekends in Vegas and West Viriginia and with friends.  I was feeling really guilty about not running or even caring about running.  Then I got injured twice in two days. I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and a pulled hamstring in my left leg. I think this was a sign that I wasn’t ready to come back full force yet. My body still needed more time to recover (recover from what – I’m not really sure?).  I know that when I am healed and start back that it will be a long and challenging road to get back to where I was. But I’m ok with that and I like a challenge.

In the meantime, I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and family and catching up on those relationships. I vowed to never let running ruin time with family and friends. And I need to stick by that.  I read this post from @milespost (one of my favorite runner bloggers) and it puts everything into perspective and made me feel like I was making the right decisions.

So I plan to slowly work my way back up but without sacrificing having fun and spending time with friends and family. I will be the best recover ever!


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2 responses to “I’m like really, really good at recovering.

  1. mkiombt@hotmail.com

    I’m about to be married to one and am clear about what I’ve signed up for. I love all that plenty of alone time, it gives me so much space to do my own stuff! But when it gets home ahead of time he gets in my hair! Still dealing with the food critic with my cooking, but I’m sure I’ve improved my cooking skills! I wish I got more surprises – there never seems to be any energy left for that thoughtfulness.
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  2. Running takes so much out of us, and even though we mostly enjoy it, sometimes it’s time to cut back and take it easy for as long as we need… why not, anyway? 🙂
    Enjoy your time off, and weekends with friends (the best!), hope your injuries heal soon.

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