Yes, I’m a few days late on my ‘giving thanks’ post; but we should be thankful everyday so in that case this post is perfect timing.

It’s so easy for runners to be hard on themselves and to see what they’re missing out on. But we need to take a step back and be thankful for how far we’ve come and be appreciative for those that helped us get there.  So I’m dedicating this post to all of you who have helped me the past few years. Without your support, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I’m grateful to have such wonderful family and friends.

So here goes, my list of what I’m thankful for (as it relates to running):

1. Supporters and volunteers at races. You guys are what gets us to the finish line. If you can’t run, you should come out and support those that can – the energy is contagious.

2. Hills.  I have such a love/hate relationship with hills. But the reason I’m thankful for them this year is because I didn’t spend much time on them in 2013 and I’m thankful that I can still have speedy legs without them. (Don’t do as I do though….you should run hills.)

3.  Naps. I’m pretty sure the thought of taking a nice afternoon nap



after a long run is the only reason I ever make it out the door for a run.

4. Cuffins on winter jackets. Best invention ever. Gloves are great; but I always want to get rid of them halfway through a run.

5. Food. I will always have a torrid love affair with food.


What are you fellow runners thankful for this year?

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